WEAPON 437 (Story Strips)

All the prominent leaders around the world knew that Yana was a potential weapon of mass destruction, rumor had it that her abilities were beyond the boundaries of Science and Logic. A mutation they called it, but the Doctors deployed to work on her test samples had sensed far greater power than what she chose to demonstrate. Whatever it was, she was in imminent danger because each of the leaders wanted her for their own selfish reasons. Of course they thought the world would kneel before them had they held her in their closed fist. But the president wanted to act smart, he thought it best for her to stay low-key or perhaps underground if that helped so he deployed the best assassin, working for the goverment, that their country has ever seen to keep Yana safe and out of sight from the predators. 


“Mr. President ” Yana nodded.

” Yana, my favorite gal. How are you today?”

” I’m good sir ” Yana managed to smile.

” And all packed?”

” Yes ” Yana replied, nodding over to two trolley and one duffle bag.

” Very well then. Let me introduce you to Officer Cohle Walsh, best of best ” President said, patting the man over his shoulder as if with pride.

Cohle’s hazel eyes beamed at Yana, greeting her in the process. This was unlike him but he had orders to make Yana feel comfortable. Yana soon found herself brushing a strand of her hair out her eyes, her bangs sometimes were intolerable. She smiled too, what else could she do. Just like Cohle she had orders of her own. 


Only she knew of her real glory and what she was capable of, really but that doesn’t mean she was an experiment. But she just turned 20 and was not ready to turn against an entire administration. Not yet. All she yearned for was peace now and she will get it, sooner or later.




Though she would’ve preferred the private jet like the last time when Mr. President took her to the Confluence, Yana was no less than enjoying looking out of the SUV that she was travelling in.

Perhaps Mr. President wanted us to stay off the radar!! 


” So…” Cohle started after clearing his throat. ” What are planning to do now that your graduation has completed?”

” Get a job ” Yana shrugged.

” How come you’ve completed your graduation in 20?”

” I joined in early as a kid. Guess I was smart…” Yana smiled absentmindedly, ” You look utterly young to be an Officer too”

Cohle turned to face her on her bluntness.

” I was probably smart too ” He replied, an inevitable smile forming over her his own face.

Yana nodded before shifting her gaze back to the window. She then continued without sparing a glance to his direction, ” You know, you don’t have to talk to me ”

Cohle sighed before replying, ” Well, you might wanna reconsider it given the long way we have ahead ”



Hi, guys so this is the first chapter of the story strips I would be writing every Sunday. Please! let me know if you like the story so far or if you want me to write further. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of strips for sometime now so do comment what you think. 

Also, the story is written a little vague, for I have not mentioned the precise details but that’s how I wanted it to be because I wanted to give space to my readers’ imagination. 

Thank you!!


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